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26   May
Filed Under (Cooking with Beer) by admin on 26-05-2007

I have been a big fan of using beer in cooking for a long time, only I have been really slack lately and haven’t had a good steak and Guinness pie in ages. Last night I figured I really should get back into the kitchen, open up a nice ale and start cooking. I flicked through a bunch of old recipes and books I had and found a nice one for a battered fish, perfect for a Friday night.

The preparation itself takes less time than cooking up a microwave dinner, just dump the ingredients into a bowl and mix. The recipe states that you should use about a cup of pale ale in the batter, but I always like to add a little bit more, this will bring out the fruity malty flavours of the pale ale. When you have mixed up all your batter in a bowl you should then add your fish and let it sit for a few minutes, this is a perfect time to drink another pale ale..

After about the 10 minutes then fry up your fish and thats it! Being a Friday night you should serve your fish with some nice chunky beer battered fries (I will tell you the best way to make

them later) and tasty beer tartar sauce. You should really be able to taste the flavours of the pale ale throughout your fish, it really was a delight to finish of the week with this dish.

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