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31   Jul
Filed Under (Beer from Europe) by admin on 31-07-2007

I have heard of Lambic brewing but never actually tasted any Lambic beers. It comes from a small region of Belgium and from what I read it is still the only place really in the world where it’s brewed.

Lambic beer is produced when the beer is exposed to the wild yeasts and bacteria that are said to be native to the Senne valley of Belgium, this strange fermentation process gives the beer a unique flavor that includes a sour aftertaste.

Whilst this exposure is a critical feature of the style, many of the key yeasts and bacteria are now understood to reside within the brewery and its (usually timber) fermenting vessels in numbers far greater than any delivered by the breeze. But they say that Lambic beer can only be made between October and May as there are too many nasties in the air in other times.

There are actually four different types of Lambic Beers, they include;

  • Lambic (pure) - Unblended lambic is a cloudy, uncarbonated, bracingly sour beverage available on tap in only a few locations
  • Gueuze lambic - A mixture of young (one-year) and old (two and three-year) lambics which has been bottled
  • Faro - A low-alcohol, slightly sweet table beer made from lambic to which brown sugar has been added
  • Fruit Lambic - Lambic with the addition of sour cherry , raspberry, peach, blackcurrant, grape, or strawberry, as either whole fruit or syrup

I will try to find some Lambic Beers to do a review on, but if you know of any or got anything else to say on Lambic beers please leave a comment.

27   Jul
Filed Under (Beer Humor) by admin on 27-07-2007

A lady walks into a bar and sees a really cute guy sitting at the counter. She goes over and asks him what he is drinking.

“Magic Beer”, he says.

She thinks he’s a little crazy, so she walks around the bar, but after that there is no one else worth talking to,goes back to the man sitting at the bar and says,

“That isn’t really Magic Beer, is it?”

“Yes, I’ll show you.” He takes a drink of the beer, jumps out the window, flies around the building 3 times and comes back in the window.

The lady can’t believe it: “I bet you can’t do that again.”

He takes another drink of beer, jumps out the window, flies around the building three times, and comes back in the window.

She is so amazed that she says she wants a Magic Beer, so the guy says to the bartender, “Give her one of what I’m having.”

She gets her drink, takes a gulp of the beer, jumps out the window, plummets 30 stories, breaks every bone in her body, and dies.

The bartender looks up at the guy and says, “You know, Superman, you’re a real jerk when you’re drunk!”

26   Jul
Filed Under (Drinking Games) by admin on 26-07-2007

In 1977 in Carlise ,Pennsylvania the world record beer chug was recorded by a man named Steven Petrosino. He managed to drink down 1 liter of beer (33 ounces) in just 1.3 seconds at the Gingerbreadman bar. This record still stands today due to fact that Guinness who runs that famous book decided to stop adding beer drinking records in the book in 1991 (although it would still take a decent effort to beat that record!).

This is a clip of Steven Petrosino a few years ago showing how he can still knock back a beer faster than most of us can take a sip, it’s over 26 years after he initially broke the record.


26   Jul
Filed Under (General Beer News) by admin on 26-07-2007

Beer tankers are being used to supply safe drinking water to flood-stricken British communities.   Five of Britain’s main brewers have already made a total of 23 tankers available to transport water.

The British Beer and Pub Association joked that it was a reversal of their normal business of turning water into beer.

Many pubs have been flooded or cut off by the rising waters, and some are offering food and shelter to evacuated householders and rescuers.

Read full story here:

25   Jul
Filed Under (General Beer News) by admin on 25-07-2007

The Seattle’s Safeco Field are trialling a new system at their stadium for Mariners games which allows patron to buy beer through their Nintendo DS’s. For a small price of just 5 bucks you can dial into the wi-fi system at the ground and purchase some Miller Lites.

The system costs just 5 bucks a game! Through your DS you can also check stats and stuff from your favorite team, but I’d prefer just to order the beer (which gets hand delivered to your seats).

Click here for the full story:

24   Jul
Filed Under (Beer Commercial) by admin on 24-07-2007

There have been thousands of mentos and cola video clips around the web over the last year or so, now Carlsberg have created their own commercial with beer and mentos. Although it has a unique ending;


20   Jul
Filed Under (Beer Humor) by admin on 20-07-2007

Now that the weekend is near we need to have something to take up that useless time in the office just waiting for beer o’clock to get closer, so here is a little flash game to make the time go quicker. Simply control homer using the left and right arrow keys and see how many kegs you can get for the party on the weekend. Now go waste some time!

Homer and Duff

19   Jul
Filed Under (Beer Festivals) by admin on 19-07-2007

I do have to apologize for the lack of updates in the past week or so, I have had some problems at work and haven’t had a second to do any posts. I will start posting way more often from today on, here are some festivals for the latter part of July;

  • Indiana Microbrewers Festival: Indianapolis - July 21
  • Annafest: Forchheim, Germany - July 22-31
  • Oregon Brewers Festival: Portland - July 26-29
  • The Farsons Great Beer Festival: Ta’Qali Park, Malta - July 27-August 5
  • BrewExpo 2007: State College, PA - July 28

11   Jul
Filed Under (Beer Humor) by admin on 11-07-2007

This is a serious threat to our beer drinking lifestyle, ha ha (just open whole image up to read it);

Trouble Brewing

10   Jul
Filed Under (Beer Festivals) by admin on 10-07-2007

Here are some more festivals in July;

  • Festival of Beer and Flowers: Laako, Slovenia - July 11-15
  • Dartford Real Ale Festival: Dartford, England - July 13-15
  • Friday the Firkenteenth: Philadelphia - July 13
  • Poppy Line Beer Festival: Sheringham, England - July 13-15
  • Portland International Beer Festival: Portland, OR - July 13-15

Have fun!

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