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15   Aug
Filed Under (Beer Commercial) by admin on 15-08-2007

I have no idea what country this commercial is from but it’s pretty darn funny. Although I wouldn’t really say Fosters is a true Aussie beer, none of us down here even touch it and it’s hardly even available!


03   Aug
Filed Under (Beer Commercial) by admin on 03-08-2007

If you have never seen this classic commercial from Hahn Premium Light then it’s a must, perfect for a lazy Friday afternoon at work;


24   Jul
Filed Under (Beer Commercial) by admin on 24-07-2007

There have been thousands of mentos and cola video clips around the web over the last year or so, now Carlsberg have created their own commercial with beer and mentos. Although it has a unique ending;


06   Jul
Filed Under (Beer Commercial) by admin on 06-07-2007

I was sent this link recently of a old commercial for Miller High Life beer, all I can say is that how much have beer commercial changed in the last 40 years! (new ad)


02   Jul
Filed Under (Beer Commercial) by admin on 02-07-2007

I was watching some TV last night when the Flash Beer commercial for Carlton Draught came on, its a clever (if not - incredibly stupid) commercial based on the 80’s chick flick flash dance. After some of their previous commercials including The Big Ad you can’t be shocked at this effort. If you haven’t seen it then check it out;


04   Jun
Filed Under (Beer Commercial) by admin on 04-06-2007

I first saw this commercial a few months ago and I think I laughed for about a week! It’s a typical ad for the beer Hahn Super Dry, I will have to do a review on it pretty soon as I have never tasted it;

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