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09   Aug
Filed Under (Beer Festivals) by admin on 09-08-2007

Here are some of the festivals taking place in August;

  • Rochester German Fest: Rochester, New York - August 10-12
  • Toronto’s Festival of Beer: Toronto - August 10-12
  • Bronze Blues & Brews Festival: Joseph, Oregon - August 11
  • Giant Mountain’s Beer Festival: Vrchlabi, Czech Republic - August 11
  • Qingdao International Beer Festival: Qingdao, China - August 11-26
  • Belgrade Beerfest: Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro - August 15-19


19   Jul
Filed Under (Beer Festivals) by admin on 19-07-2007

I do have to apologize for the lack of updates in the past week or so, I have had some problems at work and haven’t had a second to do any posts. I will start posting way more often from today on, here are some festivals for the latter part of July;

  • Indiana Microbrewers Festival: Indianapolis - July 21
  • Annafest: Forchheim, Germany - July 22-31
  • Oregon Brewers Festival: Portland - July 26-29
  • The Farsons Great Beer Festival: Ta’Qali Park, Malta - July 27-August 5
  • BrewExpo 2007: State College, PA - July 28

10   Jul
Filed Under (Beer Festivals) by admin on 10-07-2007

Here are some more festivals in July;

  • Festival of Beer and Flowers: Laako, Slovenia - July 11-15
  • Dartford Real Ale Festival: Dartford, England - July 13-15
  • Friday the Firkenteenth: Philadelphia - July 13
  • Poppy Line Beer Festival: Sheringham, England - July 13-15
  • Portland International Beer Festival: Portland, OR - July 13-15

Have fun!

29   Jun
Filed Under (Beer Festivals) by admin on 29-06-2007

It’s the height of the northern beer festival season, it seems that there is another one round every corner so get out there;

  • Food, Beer and Wine Festival: Mackinac Island, Michigan - July 1
  • Olesummer Festival 2007: Talinn, Estonia - July 4-8
  • Beer on the Wye: Hereford, England - July 6-8
  • Hastings Beer & Music Festival: Hastings, England - July 4-7


21   Jun
Filed Under (Beer Festivals) by admin on 21-06-2007

With the weekend coming up why not join in with some of these beer festivals around the world;

  • Colorado Brewers’ Festival: Fort Collins, Colorado - June 23-24
  • Great European Beerfest: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - June 23-24
  • Slimbridge Beer Festival: Slimbridge, England - June 23
  • Braintree Lions Real Festival: Braintree, England - June 24-26
  • Wilburton Beer Festival: Ely, England - June 23-24

So go and enjoy the outdoors and a few ales this weekend at a festival, I will be stuck inside in the cold we have having down here in Aus at the moment…  have fun!

30   May
Filed Under (Beer Festivals) by admin on 30-05-2007

Here are some of the beer festivals being hosted around the world in the early part of June;

  • Cherry Tree Beer Festival: Woodbridge, England - June 1-3
  • Pizza Port Real Ale Festival: Carlsbad, California - June 1-2
  • Alton Beer Festival: Alton, England - June 2
  • The Beerfest: Santa Rosa, California - June 2
  • International Beer Tasting: New Orleans, LA - June 2
  • Pennsylvania Microbrewer’s Fest: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - June 2
  • Widnes Beer Festival: Widnes Rugby Union Football Club, Cronton, England - June 4-6

Get out there and enjoy them, and keep sending in some feedback!

27   May
Filed Under (Beer Festivals) by admin on 27-05-2007

As the temperature gets warmer in the northern hemisphere more beer fests will be starting, there are quite a few in the next weeks and here are just a few;

  • The Mondial de la bière: Montreal - May 30-June 3
  • Connecticut Brew Fest: Hartford, Connecticut - May 31
  • Fete de la Biere: Lausanne-Ouchy, Switzerland - May 31-June 3
  • Stockport Beer & Cider Festival: Stockport, England - May 31-June 2
  • Wolverhampton Beer Festival: Wolverhampton, England - May 31-June 2

So why don’t you get out there and enjoy some tasty boutique, homebrewed and specialty beers from all over the world.  And if you are going to an upcoming beer festival or organising one then swing me an email with details, photos etc and we shall let people know.

Cheers and enjoy!

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