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05   Jul
Filed Under (Homebrewing) by admin on 05-07-2007

I was round my parents house the other day and my father and I where enjoying some of his home brew straight from the keg when my mother decided our glasses needed washing. I was rather annoyed to see that she was washing them with soap, as I have always been told that soap is the devil of beer glasses.

Engraved 25 Ounce Giant Beer MugSoap can leave a film on the glass (even if you cannot see it) and can distort the flavor of the beer as well as reducing the head. I think we have all been in a bar or restaurant somewhere were the beer has virtually no head and looks filmy around the edges, this of course would be the place washing the glasses in soap. This includes all popular detergents and washing up liquids, don’t listen to anyone who tells you that some forms of soap are good for beer glasses - they are not.

Another huge no-no to washing your beer glasses that many people make a mistake in is the dishwasher! A dishwasher not only releases a large amount of soapy soap all over every dish, it also has an abundant of other foods and liquids in it. So if you where washing your glass in the same dishwasher as a plate you have just eaten seafood off, you may end up getting a hybrid flavor of pilsner and salmon in your next beer…. not a good thought.

The best method that I use for cleaning my beer glasses is simply and natural… water. After you finish using your glass simply rinse it out well in warm water making sure it is completely clean, it is best to rinse out immediately after drinking as this will reduce things sticking to the glass. Now just let sit and dry, or get a clean (must be clean) towel and dry off your glass. If you keep to this simple method you should always have a nice clean beer glass with no ‘extras’ in it.

And keep you eye out on your mom!

16   Jun
Filed Under (Homebrewing) by admin on 16-06-2007

Ever tried Carbonation Drops in your home brew? Some people claim they are the best things since sliced bread, while others will say it makes the beer taste flat and flavorless.

Carbonation DropsIf you have never heard of Carbonation Drops before then you will want to know that they are lolly looking things that are used in your home brew for the secondary fermentation instead of the spoonful of sugar. I have used them before once and I can say they do have pro’s and con’s.

If you are an impatient home brewer then you will love them, instead of measuring out all those spoonful of sugars for your bottles you can simply pop 1 or 2 in nothing flat. But, I did find that the drops didn’t do as good a job as your sugars, there seemed to be less of a head and it had more of a ‘green’ flavor. I do not know if this was the result of a really bad brew or if it was the Carbonation Drops, but I have read up that other people have had the same problems.

I used the Coopers range of Carbonation Drops, they are readily available online and are priced well compared to any competitor. If you have used any other brand or have anything to say about Carbonation Drops please leave a comment;

Click here to find out more about Carbonation Drops

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